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35 mm Photographic Film Negative & Slide Scanning

Combine the best of analogue and digital photography

35 mm negative & slide transparency scanning

We offer photographers the ability to combine the best of analogue and digital photography. We can produce high quality scans of up to 5400 dpi optical and 16 bits (250+ mb) that will capture the whole tonal range of your film and produce images of unrivaled clarity and ultra smooth tonal gradations. From our scanner, a 35mm frame scanned at 5400 dpi produces a file of over 40 megapixels (250 + mb), a professional DSLR creates a file of around 16 - 30 megapixels.

All scans are supplied un-edited and not colour corrected. Dust removal will NOT be applied to any film unless this has been requested and quoted for.

Please specify which file format you would like your files supplied in. We offer DNG or Tiff formats. Scans will be supplied as Tiff files in a RGB colour space, DNG files will not have any colour profiles attached.

Files will be burnt to a CD or DVD subject to a charge of £8.50 per disk. Please state whether you require the files to be burnt to a CD or DVD. The price includes postage to your UK address.


Price Per Frame

01 - 10 £7
11 - 20 £6
21 - 36 £5
37 - 72 £4

Full ICC Colour Managed Workflow

Our scanners are used with custom made ICC profiles for each film stock, such as Fuji Velvia or Provia. These profiles are updated regularly to produce the best scans possible.

DSLRs use a single CCD to capture RGB data which is then converted or upscaled to 16 bit. Our scanners use up to three ccds to capture RGB data at full 16 bit depth resulting in digital files that are able to capture the full tonal range and colour range of photographic films. Fuji Velvia will still exhibit all of it's wonderful colour saturation when scanned using our high quality dedicated photographic negative or transparency scanner.