Fine Art Giclee & Photographic Prints

Giclee Printing Media - Archival Quality Acid Free Media For Prints Up To 44 Inch Wide

  • Mp Fine Art Handmade Cotton 250 gsm - Acid free paper handmade from recycled cotton. Natural deckle edges and a beautiful warm natural white create this most unique paper. This paper is designed for fine art monochrome photographs as well as fine art reproductions. Only available in sheet sizes. Due to the paper being handmade and hand coated each sheet has slight variations in texture.

  • Mp Fine Art Cotton Rag 300 gsm - Our very own acid free matte paper. White 100% cotton paper with a light textured surface. The highest quality paper for the finest reproductions or photographic prints. This paper has the largest colour gamut and highest D-Max of any of the matte papers. Rich smooth tones and faithful vibrant colour reproduction are this papers hallmark.

  • Mp Fine Art Smooth Cotton Rag 320 gsm - Acid free and O.B.A free matte paper. Natural White 100% cotton paper with an ultra smooth surface. There is no visible texture on this paper and this gives the paper a luxurious look and feel. Rich faithful colour reproduction, high saturation, dense blacks and smooth tonal range create a paper like no other.

  • Mp Fine Art Watercolour 300 gsm - Acid free and O.B.A free matte paper. Natural White 100% alpha-cellulose paper. Due to the lack of Optical Brightening Agents this paper has a beautiful natural white base. An undulating texture gives this paper the look and feel of a high quality water colour or heavy etching paper. Rich blacks, smooth grey tones and faithful colour reproduction make this paper truely outstanding.

  • Mp Fine Art Unglazed Fibre 305 gsm - Acid free Fibre Based photographic paper. White 100% alpha-cellulose paper with a beautiful unglazed gloss finish. Not to be confused with Baryta papers, Unglazed Fibre 305 has a wonderful fibrous back and slight texture to the surface. Deep inky rich blacks and huge D-Max are complemented by the unglazed surface. Suitable for exhibition quality photographic prints. If you require the highest quality monochrome prints this is the finest paper available as it has the richest, deepest blacks and smoothest tonal range available.

Full ICC Colour Manged Workflow

All of our papers have been profiled in house and have bespoke ICC profiles made for use within our RIP software. Bespoke ICC profiles ensure accurate colour reproduction, neutral monochrome tones, smooth tonal ranges and open up the full gamut of the 12 ink set within our printer. ICC profiles can be provided via email upon request.

For full info about using our ICC profiles, please download the ICC Profiles & Soft Proofing PDF.

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The price shown is per print excluding postage. We do not charge different prices for different papers but a rush fee of £25 will be charged upon requesting a 24 Hour turnaround.

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Alternatively you can order prints via the telephone or email.

Giclee Details - The Finest Quality Fine Art & Photographic Prints

All of our prints are produced using Canon LUCIA EX 12-colour pigment based inks which exhibit unrivalled archival qualities and unsurpassed colour reproduction.

Giclee prints are widely accepted in galleries worldwide as an ultra high quality method of printing limited edition or open edition print runs. Fine art can be digitally reproduced upon a wide variety of papers each offering different finishes and weights similar to traditional artists media. We only print upon high quality Digital Fine Art media specifically designed for maximum image quality and print longevity. Tests suggest a life-span in excess of 100 years under optimum conditions. If you are unsure of which paper you would like then please contact us and request a samples pack.

Giclee printing offers photographers the highest quality and archival properties of any digital printing. Papers are available with the same finishes as traditional wet process papers yet offer a substantially longer life-span. Digital giclee prints can last over 100 years under optimum conditions whereas most traditional photographic prints will degrade considerably after 20 years.

Giclee prints have a turnaround time of 48 hrs as standard, ensuring that prints have reached maximum stability before they are dispatched.

File Quality For Submitted Digital Files - Ensuring The Highest Quality Prints By Creating The Highest Quality Files

To ensure we are able to produce the highest quality prints from your digital files, the highest possible quality file must be provided to print. The guidlines below outline certain criteria that should be adhered to in order to produce the best possible file. Please follow these guidelines when preparing your digital files ready to be printed.

  • File naming - You may use your own file naming system. Please make sure all files are clearly labelled. Multiple files submitted for different sized prints should be labelled with the appropriate size, e.g.. File1A4.tif

  • Image resolution - We request that submitted images have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch with the image at the actual height and width settings that will be used in print. If you would like your file printed at a larger size than the resolution will allow we can upscale submitted files but we require the largest file you have in order to maintain quality.

  • Image colour depth - If you have the image at 16 bits per channel, please submit that; otherwise 8 bits per channel will be fine.

  • Embedded ICC profile - If you have edited your file in an RGB or CMYK colour space please make sure that the colour space profile is embedded when saving your files. Do not embed a printer profile.Eg. If you have edited your file in Adobe RGB (1998) colour space then this colour space profile should be embedded (Tagged) with the file.

  • Sharpening - Please do not apply any output sharpening. We will apply the correct amount of sharpening to suit the printing media used.

  • File format - Please deliver the image files to us in TIFF (.tif or .tiff) format. TIFF files will ensure the highest quality prints are produced. You can supply PDF (.pdf) or JPEG (.jpg) format files if they are of sufficient quality. Vector files (.ai) can be submitted for illustrations.

If you have any queries regarding the saving and delivery of digital image files for digital printing please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to produce giclee prints?
  • Fine art giclee prints onto archival media require a 48 hr turnaround as standard. Times may vary.

If I bring a digital file to be printed, can you print it whilst I wait?
  • We are unable to print whilst you wait.

Will I receive any documentation with my Fine Art Giclee Prints outlining the media used?
  • We can supply A5 certificates with giclee prints upon request. These certificates outline the inks used, printer manufacturer used and paper or media used to produce the giclee prints. Certificates also state Limited Edition numbers if appropriate.

Do you supply giclee prints mounted and ready for sale?
  • Our giclee prints can be supplied in print bags with or without backing board or we can supply giclee prints mounted in conservation quality acid free mountboard. Please contact us for full details on print finishing.

I'm unsure how my file will look when printed, will you adjust it if needed?
  • We will only adjust digital files that are submitted for giclee prints if this service has been requested and quoted for. If you are unsure how your digital file will look when printed please use our Colour Proofing service. Color Proofing can be requested via email and is £40 per hour.

What resolution should my files be?
  • All files should be set at a resolution of 300 ppi at the desired print size.

Can I add my own paper print borders before uploading my images?
  • Yes please set your chosen border sizes in Photoshop when setting the resolution and print size. If you choose to add your own borders in Photoshop don't forget to select 0mm borders in the print options.

How do I soft-proof my images?
  • Download our ICC paper profiles and instructions Here.

Should my images be 8 bit or 16 bit?
  • 16 bit files offer the highest quality for printing. We can print from both 16 bit and 8 bit files. If sending 16 bit image files please be aware they may take a little longer to upload.

Should my images be RGB or CMYK?
  • RGB unless requesting a CMYK proof print.

How long will my order take to process?
  • Orders are usually dispatched within 48 hrs of receiving the order. Orders should be delivered to the customer within 72 hrs. For example, an order placed on Monday is dispatched on Wednesday and should arrive on Thursday. Orders received after 2pm are classed as being received the next day. Mounted and framed orders have a turnaround time of approx 7 - 10 working days